Discover the unique Kim soles: a collaboration between Ambiorix and Kim Duchateau

Discover the unique Kim soles: a collaboration between Ambiorix and Kim Duchateau

At Ambiorix, we are always looking for ways to combine innovation and creativity with our craftsmanship. That is why we are incredibly proud of our new collaboration: unique soles designed by talented cartoonist and cartoonist Kim Duchateau.

A unique meeting of art and shoes

Kim Duchateau is known for his humorous and recognisable drawing style. His work has already won many hearts in newspapers, magazines and comic books. Now, for the first time, he has used his creativity for shoe soles. The result? Two exclusive drawings that serve as the basis for a brand new type of sole.

The soles feature comic scenes from various sports disciplines, all in Duchateau's style. Like an overenthusiastic pole vaulter bringing down a cyclist - a playful collage of sporting figures that accompany your every step with a touch of humour.

Kim Duchateau

Kim Duchateau's versatile drawing style and humorous approach fit perfectly with our idea of showing Ambiorix's sporting DNA in a unique way. His enthusiasm for this challenge spoke volumes and we are very satisfied with the result.

Our choice of a sports theme was not arbitrary. Several sports clubs in Belgium, including Union and STVV, wear Ambiorix shoes under their suits. Moreover, we are proud to be clothing partner of Team Belgium during the Olympic Games for the sixth time already. We wanted to reflect this sporty DNA in our shoes in a creative way.


The Ambiorix shoes with Kim Duchateau's unique design are available in our webshop, flagship stores and various independent outlets. Stop by and discover this special collection that combines craftsmanship, comfort and creativity.